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Falkland Island Bird Species

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Classification in accordance with the South American Classification Committee (SACC), September 2009

Albatross, Black-browed
Albatross, Royal

Black-chinned Siskin

Caracara, Striated
Cinclodes, Blackish
Cormorant, Imperial

Duck, Crested
Duck, Falkland Steamer-

Fulmar, Southern

Goose, Kelp
Goose, Ruddy-headed
Goose, Upland
Gull, Dolphin
Gull, Kelp

Meadowlark, Long-taled

Oystercatcher, Blackish
Oystercatcher, Magellanic

Penguin, Gentoo
Penguin, Magellanic
Penguin, Rockhopper

Petrel, Cape
Petrel, Southern Giant-
Pipit, Correndera
Plover, Two-banded

Skua, Brown
Snipe, South American (Magellan)

Thrush, Austral
Tyrant, Dark-faced Ground-

Vulture, Turkey

Wren, House (Cobb's)
Wren, Sedge