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Nature Photographers Online Magazine is a monthly Internet publication dedicated entirely to the art and technique of nature photography. In addition to the excellent articles and tutorials on nature photography, the image critique galleries of the Nature Photographers Network (NPN) are an great way to get expert feedback on your work - and see some amazing nature images.
BrianSmallPhoto is the web site of my good friend and pro bird photographer Brian E. Small. Brian has one of the largest collections of North American quality bird images anywhere.
Feathered Photos is the web site of my friend Garth McElroy. Garth is a top bird photographer living in the New England region.
Robert Royse is a birder and photographer based in Columbus Ohio. Bob has the most impressive collection of eastern warbler photos I've seen. The rest of his images are excellent as well.
KC (Kwan) Choo is a friend and photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. Kwan has many incredible photographs from the pacific northwest and Asia where he travels regularly.
Be sure to check out Juza Nature Photography, the photo home of Emanuele Juza (or just Juza as he likes to be known). This young Italian photographer has a wonderful gallery of images with excellent tutorials on digital photography as well.
Dutch Nature Photographers is the photo home of a Rene de Heer, one of the top European nature photographers. Rene specializes in Scandinavia, but has beautiful images from throughout the world.
Nature Alley is the web site of Alison Sheehey, an accomplished biologist residing in Kern County, CA. Her web site is a wonderful collection of everything you would want to know about the natural world in the amazingly bio-diverse Kern County.
Audubon - California Kern River Preserve, located on the South Fork Kern River in Central California, is home to California's largest lowland riparian forest. It was one of the first ten sites in the U.S. to receive "Globally Important Bird Area" recognition. 332 species of birds have been recorded. Two hundred species nest here including major breeding populations of Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Summer Tanager, and Willow Flycatcher