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North American Butterfly Species

Alphabetic Listing

The following images are just a fraction of the total images in my files. Please contact me if you wish to see images of other poses, etc.
Last update: June 6, 2009 . Click here to see latest images.
** All butterflies shown are free flying. No captive methods were used to obtain these images.**

Admiral, Lorquin's
Admiral, Red
Admiral, Weidemeyer's
Blue, Acmon
Blue, Arctic
Blue, Boisduval's
Blue, Ceraunus
Blue, Dotted
Blue, Greenish
Blue, Lupine
Blue, Northern
Blue, Reakirt's
Blue, San Emigdio
Blue, Shasta
Blue, Square-spotted
Blue, Veined
Blue, Western Pygmy-
Buckeye, Common
Checkerspot, Edith's
Checkerspot, Northern
Checkerspot, Variable
Cloudywing, Mexican
Cloudywing, Northern
Comma, Hoary
Copper, Blue
Copper, Edith's
Copper, Gorgon
Copper, Great
Copper, Lilac-bordered
Copper, Lustrous
Copper, Tailed
Crescent, Field
Crescent, Mylitta
Duskywing, Pacuvius
Duskywing, Propertius
Elfin, Western Pine
Fritillary, Callippe

Fritillary, Hydaspe
Fritillary, Pacific

Hairstreak, Behr's
Hairstreak, California
Hairstreak, Hedgerow
Hairstreak, Juniper
Hairstreak, Sheridan's
Hairstreak, Sylvan

Lady, American
Lady, Painted
Marble, Pealry
Metalmark, Mormon
Nymph, Great Basin Wood-
Nymph, Small Wood-
Parnassian, Clodius
Ringlet, Common
Ringlet, Hayden's
Satyr, Ridings'
Sister, California
Skipper, Alkali
Skipper, Common Branded
Skipper, Common Checkered-
Skipper, Fiery
Skipper, Northern White-
Skipper, Sandhill
Skipper, Silver-spotted
Skipper, Sonoran
Skipper, Two-banded Checkered-
Swallowtail, Anise
Swallowtail, Pale
Swallowtail, Pipevine
Swallowtail, Western Tiger
Sulphur, Orange
Tortoiseshell, Milbert's
White, Becker's
White, Checkered
White, Spring