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Argentina Bird Species

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Classification in accordance with the South American Classification Committee (SACC), September 2009

Blackbird, Chestnut-capped
Blackbird, Scarlet-headed

Caracara, Chimango
Caracara, Southern
Caracara, White-throated
Cardinal, Red-crested
Cardinal, Yellow-billed
Cinclodes, Dark-bellied
Condor, Andean
Coot, Red-gartered
Coot, White-winged

Cormorant, Imperial
Cormorant, Magellan
Cormorant, Neotropic
Cowbird, Bay-winged
Cowbird, Shiny
Cuckoo, Dark-billed
Cuckoo, Guira

Dove, Eared
Dove, Picui Ground-
Dove, White-tipped

Duck, Crested
Duck, Flightless Steamer-
Duck, Flying Steamer-
Duck, White-faced Whistling-
Duicon, Fire-eyed

Eagle, Black-chested Buzzard-
Elaenia, White-crested
Egret, Great
Emerald, Glittering-bellied

Finch, Black-and-rufous Warbling-
Finch, Gray-throated Warbling-
Finch, Grassland Yellow-
Finch, Great Pampa-
Finch, Saffron
Flicker, Campo
Flycatcher, Fork-tailed
Flycatcher, Streaked
Flycatcher, Swainson's

Gnatcatcher, Masked
Goose, Ashy-headed
Goose, Kelp
Goose, Upland

Grebe, Great
Grebe, White-tufted

Guan, Dusky-legged
Gull, Dolphin
Gull, Kelp

Hawk, Savanna
Heron, Rufescent Tiger-
Heron, Striated
Heron, Whistling
Hornero, Rufous

Hummingbird, Gilded
Hummingbird, White-throated

Ibis, Bare-faced
Ibis, Black-faced

Jacana, Wattled

Kingfisher, Green
Kiskadee, Great
Kite, Snail

Lapwing, Southern

Marshbird, Brown-and-yellow
Martin, Brown-chested

Martin, Gray-breasted
Mockingbird, Chalk-browed
Monjita, Black-and-white

Negrito, Austral

Owl, Burrowing

Parakeet, Austral
Parakeet, Monk
Parakeet, Nanday
Parrot, Blue-fronted
Parula, Tropical
Penguin, Magellanic
Petrel, Southern Giant-
Pigeon, Picazuro
Pigeon, Spot-winged
Pochard, Rosy-billed

Rail, Giant Wood-
Rail, Gray-necked Wood-
Rayadito, Thorn-tailed
Rushbird, Wren-like

Saltator, Golden-billed
Screamer, Southern
Seedeater, Double-colllared
Seedeater, Rusty-collared
Sheathbill, Snowy

Siskin, Black-chinned
Skua, Brown
Snipe, South American
Sparrow, Rufous-collared
Spoonbill, Roseate
Stork, Maguari
Swallow, White-rumped
Swan, Coscoroba

Tanager, Hepatic
Tanager, Sayaca
Teal, Ringed
Teal, Yellow-billed

Tern, Antarctic
Thrush, Austral
Thrush, Creamy-bellied
Thrush, Rufous-bellied
Tyrant, Cattle
Tyrant, Dark-faced Ground-
Tyrant, Spectacled

Warbler, Golden-crowned
Woodcreeper, Narrow-billed
Woodpecker, Green-barred
Woodpecker, Magellanic
Wren, Sedge

Yellowthroat, Masked